Applying the lessons of eXtreme Programming

eXtreme Programming is a new, low ceremony, very high discipline software development methodology. This 1 hour talk introduces eXtreme Programming, the values, practices and project implications.

This is for people who want to find out more about eXtreme Programming with a view to improving their current development process. Managing the incremental, iterative development processes needed by modern software systems is not easy, so it is useful to see what lessons can be learned from the process that has taken incremental development to extremes. eXtreme Programming projects manage to be successful with a 3 week delivery cycle, incrementally gathering requirements and adding fully tested, useful system features every increment. The handout notes for this talk are a 400k PDF file.

This talk was given at the Visual C++ Users Group on 29th February 2000.

This talk is a taster for the 1 day seminar on Applying the lessons of Extreme Programming.

Note. This talk is not about adopting eXtreme Programming, but about applying the lessons of eXtreme Programming within the context of your current development process.