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After seeing the way that people use this site I've collected all my Use Case related articles on one page - Enjoy.

My training courses including Alistair Cockburn's Writing Effective Use Cases course

Using Use Cases for Requirements Capture Use Cases have proved to be an effective mechanism for the capture of requirements. This document uses Alistair Cockburn's format for Use Cases and adds in ideas about how to create and review Use Cases.

Some sample use cases have been formatted for the web to assist projects that want to use html to document their project requirements.

Test Cases from Use Cases Creating Test Cases from Use Cases turns out to be very easy when using Alistair Cockburn's format for Use Cases, testers will thank you for using use cases.

Incremental Development, a followup to the earlier Incremental Requirements article, looks at what it means to do Incremental Development from the point of view of the development team and the users of applications.

OOTips : When Are Use Cases Done? When analyzing requirements and writing use cases, how can you know that you have enough use cases?

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