This sample actor definition is provided as a template for projects looking to capture requirements on a set of related web pages.


The customer is the end user for products sold by the corporation.

Stakeholder Interests

This section lists all of the interests that this actor wants/needs protecting by the use cases. Often these interests result in business rules that have to be referenced by the various use cases. The statement of Stakeholder interest is hyperlinked to the relevant business rule. Thus far I've not found it necessary to link an interest to more than 1 rule, whenever I thought I needed to it turned out that what I really had was two subtly different interests that needed to be expressed and documented.

Customer must not be invoiced for goods that have not been shipped yet.

The cross referencing shown below is optional but extremely useful. Do not create this cross reference manually! If you choose to add this cross referencing, please create a Perl or shell script to scan through all of the related pages and put the cross reference information in here. If you try to do it manually you WILL make mistakes and it will not be fun.

Use Cases

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