Training Courses

One of the major issues facing Software Developers is transitioning to the use of Object Technology tools and methodologies. Software Craftsmanship Inc. provides mentoring and training to assist software development teams in delivering systems.

Object Technology is a new paradigm for software developers. Moving from a Traditional Development Environment to an Object Development Environment requires much more than just learning the syntax of a programming language. Getting Development staff comfortable with Object Think is a major undertaking. These courses focus on the Object Development Process, Requirements and Design.

Courses Offered


Training courses are not normally sufficient on their own to enable a developer to become fully proficient with a new set of skills and techniques. Software Craftsmanship Inc. provides follow-up mentoring after training courses to enable a development team to get full benefit from the courses they have attended.

Mentoring is typically provided on an as needed basis, the goal of all of the mentoring being to make the development team self sufficient.