Managing Projects

Managing Object Technology projects is simultaneously very easy and very hard. It is easy because Objects provide the ability to make the whole development process validation driven rather than deliverable or schedule driven. It is hard because people are not used to working in a validation driven process.

How many of us have been bitten by the "I'm 90% complete" mistake? With a validation driven process delivering short cycle increments, the 90% complete gets converted into a set of binary measures. "This set of features pass all tests, this set are not implemented yet".

This course is loosely based around Alistair Cockburn's Surviving OO Projects book, supplemented with the ideas found in my Applying the lessons of Extreme Programming course, and ideas from Tom Gilb, Luke Hohmann, Jim Highsmith's Adaptive Software Development, the Unified Process, SCRUM and Gerald Weinberg.

The Test Driven Development using JUnit course covers one way that developers can work in a Validation driven process.

Duration and intended Audience

This is a 2 day inquiry intended for Project Managers, Team Leaders and Senior Developers.

Course Goals

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