Links and tools

Not much to see here any more, it used to be larger but now that the various search engines have got a lot better, it is easier to search for what you need directly.

Alistair Cockburn is webmaster for, the reference site for material on Use Cases.

Visit if you absolutely have to see what is happening on all of the geek news sites - slashdot, acm, freshmeat, The Register, kuro5hin, Wired News and more.

The Comp.Risks archive on the Catless W3 server is a great way to avoid the need for a newsreader while keeping up with the hazards, risks and mistakes of our computing era..

The Scripting News site is a very interesting and informative weblog.

The Extreme Programming website is a great place to see how XP is evolving. And now JUnit has it's own site at